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Coaching Philosophy:


As a coach I thrive on creating an environment in which players can push themselves to become better players and better people. They are able to train and play without fear of doing anything wrong which, in turn, allows them to experiment with the ball and use their own creativity to make things happen. My position as a coach allows me to help  them expand their creative minds so they will always have the confidence to improve. Their reward for their hard work is their mental strength and self confidence which leads to success on and off the pitch. 

2014 Boys

Coaching Philosophy:


As a former professional player Osman gained so much experience and now as a coach he likes to develop a positive environment for the advancement of soccer, soccer skills and the knowledge of the game.  Learn while they have fun, enjoy the game but be very dedicated to it.


Coaching Philosophy:


My background in security for over thirty years plays a big role in how I approach the game.  

Safety for the player and team is the most important.  I want everyone to walk of the pitch as they came on.

The backbone to my approach on soccer is through a thinking process I was taught called the O.O.D.A. loop which stands for Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act.

I want kids to learn to make choices on their next move faster than their opponents and that has to be backed up by a strong skill set and complete confidence with the ball.  

Security is being aware and confident. A strong foundation of ball control and keeping possession of the ball it is the key to a successful squad.

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